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May 18, 2008 at 12:29 am

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It’s difficult to really know what a place is like until you are there to experience it. If you plan on moving to or renting a home in McKinney, it can help to know more of what to expect in a typical neighborhood. Here are just three of the reasons we like McKinney… that might help provide a little more insight to this unique city.

1. McKinney is friendly… but private.

Today, many folks enjoy being sociable when they want, and being left alone when they want. That’s us, with more emphasis on the latter. For the most part, people will give a friendly wave on the road and say hello during a stroll or bike ride, but they don’t typically poke around where they’re not wanted or stir up the rumor mill. That’s a refreshing change of pace from many areas of the country.

2. McKinney is easy to get around.

There are other growing areas of North Texas that are similar in size to McKinney. They were sleepy farm-towns that had to find a way to deal with the population boom… some haven’t done so well. Many have serious road construction woes due to the increase in traffic over the years. Not so in McKinney.

The roads that are under construction here are relatively easy. Somehow McKinney officials have figured out how to manage road construction in such a way that there are always open routes to where you need to go, with few exceptions.

Beyond just well-managed road construction though, almost every road in McKinney is designed as a main artery. In other words, most roads are 4 lane now and were designed that way, or are being updated to be 4 lane. This makes all the difference.

3. McKinney has relaxed, but active houses of worship.

If you used to attend a church and got a bitter taste for it for whatever reason, you’ll be surprised how much things have changed. Here in McKinney, you can expect to just wear a comfortable pair of jeans and button-down shirt to church, or wear something more formal if that’s what you’re comfortable with. No one really cares what you wear or how you look, just go as you are.

There is also a comradary and friendliness in McKinney’s houses of worship that would do the rest of the world some good, and it’s not just lip service. Recently, First Baptist McKinney encouraged the congregation not to come to church Sunday morning, but instead “be the church” out in the community. The result was an unheard of event, 2000 people flooded the community to help the needy, perform services and do goodwill for the entire city. Here’s what they did:

There are plenty more reasons why McKinney Texas lives up to its “Unique By Nature” slogan… but maybe these three have given you a bit of a glimpse into why you might think about making McKinney your next home.

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