About GP

Welcome! When we have a McKinney home for rent, we’ll post it on our Blog. Check back often! To contact us for a viewing, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Grovestand Properties LLC specializes in providing perfect rental homes in the beautiful city of McKinney, Texas. Because our homes are in prime condition and superb locations, it’s easy and effortless for our tenets to live, work and play. Our objective is to provide fresh, ‘hand-picked’ homes to families who desire to stay there for years. Don’t just take our word about our gorgeous homes, see them for yourself in our Gallery.

We’re very selective of our tenants because we want you to truly enjoy living in and taking care of your home. So we also offer discount maintenance and easy pay programs, plus annual rewards to our best tenants. See our FAQs for more information on our programs and rental process.

McKinney Texas has everything that families and active senior adults (and everything in between) want and need. It’s also a city on the cutting-edge of experimental energy-saving living and mixed-use residential neighborhoods. McKinney’s city leadership has shown to be eager and willing to think environmentally… without sacrificing family comfort and outdoor recreation.

Why choose Grovestand Properties?

We’re a little bit different than your average renter. We ensure our home’s rent amount, condition and size are appropriate for what our tenants are looking for and we never offer dirty, run down homes.

As far as service goes, you won’t find a more dedicated team to ensuring your family receives the personal, friendly service you can expect from a family-owned business. Large management companies with big apartment buildings and hundreds of houses just can’t compare to the personalized service we offer. We keep our business focused on just a few perfect homes for rent in McKinney, so we can focus all our time and attention on what really matters… you.

Why lease one of our homes instead of renting an apartment, condo, duplex or townhouse?

1.Rents are usually about the same (or far less) than the cost of renting an apartment of equivalent size.

2.Live in a community of kind, family-oriented friendly folks.

3.Be close to parks and schools; not adjacent plazas, neon signs and fast food joints.

4.No noisy neighbors on the other side of every wall, ceiling and floor.

5.Finally, your own garage and laundry room!

6.Children and pets play in your own back yard instead of a parking lot.

7.Enjoy your home’s garden, flowers and trees.

8.Storage, storage, storage.

9.Enjoy maintaining and taking pride in your own house.

10.Opt-in for easy automated payments instead of mailing checks every month… save with our discount renters program… such convenient locations… privacy… what are you waiting for?

Contact us:
To contact us, please complete the form below, or email us at grovestandproperties@gmail.com
a viewing request, inquiry, or refer a friend below

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